Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New Workspace!

Well here it new workspace!

Now I know it looks dull and utilitarian and unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the "before" (I like to think I psychologically blocked it from my mind because I was too embarrassed of how it looked!). Imagine, if you will, where the folding table is and where the bookshelf is a 1/2 dresser (on the bottom portion) and 1/2 bookshelf (on the top). These were two pieces of furniture I've had since middle school and it was time to say goodbye. I intended to Craig's list them, but I've repurposed them in our guest bedroom which was truly Spartan before as there was really just the bed in there and nothing else. What looked out-of-place in the project room, makes our guest bedroom look homey and comfortable!

Anyway, these are the only pieces of furniture in the room now. The bookshelf holds not just books but my cardstock paper, craft books, Cricut cartridges, inspirational magazines, etc. The desk which was piled up before now holds my Cricut, sewing machine, and printer/scanner/copier. The folding table can be easily taken down but I leave it up for extra space. It's great to have a whole table to lay things out, cut, position, or whatever I need. One of my friends is even planning to come over and work on a project with me. With two tables it's easy for us each to have our own space! This reorganization/cleanup was a several day process. My hubby and I went through our books and got rid of 3 boxes worth! Then there was the desk clean-up, sorting, filing, building the bookshelf, and moving things around. I know it may look bland, but I'm proud of it. I like to think of myself as a reformed clutter bug so something this simple and tidy makes my spirit soar and my creative juices flow!

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  1. agh! i need a space like this... you make crafting sound so enticing with all of your table space! i am constantly working on the floor... or sitting on a wooden stool (uncomfy!) at the coffee table trying to do my projects!

    you have a cricut! FUN! i am hoping to get a Xyron sticker maker... because, you know... i am weird like that. the actually "maker" isn't too expensive. it's the darn cartridges! maybe some day!

    you can always "spruce up" your space as you go... although it is nice to just have a fresh, clear space to work with!