Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Digital Photography/Photoshop Class!

Last night I started my first class in digital photography/photoshop. I am very excited to learn more and already learned quite a lot. The class is 3 hours and we spend the first 1/2 taking photos, playing with settings, and experimenting. Last night we did light and shadow and stayed mostly in the semi-auto mode. My lovely Canon Rebel T1i has never been used to such an in-depth extent! The other part of our class is devoted to photoshop. We get on computers and try out different techniques and play around with options. I've gotten into photoshop on my own, but already things are making more sense and I can definitely do more than I could before. They say the proof is in the pudding, so below is some of my pudding:

This is my wonderful, handsome husband. He loves reading and is never too far away from his Kindle. One lovely afternoon we went to my favorite park near Long Island Sound and caught the breezes while we had a picnic then read on a blanket under a huge old tree. For this images I put a glow filter on it, desaturated it, then put a sepia filter over it.

This is one of my favorites, the Breakers, a mansion in Newport, RI. I adjusted the histogram, then played around until I found a filter I liked then cropped it. Ta-Da!

The First Bank of the United States, Philly. I cropped it, added a colorized filter, then another filter to give it the "aged" look.

This is a beautiful park near where I live. This one I simply cropped then added a colorized filter.

The USS Olympia, in Philly. I adjusted the histogram, played around with filters, then cropped it.


  1. wow! looks like you're learning some good stuff! wish i had the patience for that! your pics look great!

    if you ever feel like messing with any of my wedding photos... feel free! (i was disappointed with the lack of "professionalism" of our photographers--ugh).

  2. Hi Julie, I got your comment on my blog about the Henkel family. I posted a reply and thought I'd also contact you here. You can reach me at ckite@byu.net.