Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lovin' from my Oven (and Stove)

A double blog posting today! (Weird, I know). I thought of an interesting segment I could occasionally defer to--"Lovin' from my Oven (or Stove)." For dinner tonight I made chicken and dumpling soup with beer bread. It turned out rather fabulously if I do say so myself. Also, since I'm trying to get more into photography (practicing for my upcoming class at the end of the month) I thought I would take you on a photographic journey of our meal.

You can even see the bubbles from the simmering soup!

Wow, even just looking at some of these pictures again makes me hungry!

Comfort food, thy name is Chicken Dumpling Soup!


  1. Mmmm.. that looks good!! Very comforting and warming!! I LOVE Beer Bread! So moist!

    I am going to make a chicken and rice soup tomorrow... and attempt to make clover leaf rolls. I can just never get them right... but I'm determined!!!

  2. I love your dishes and oh my, the food looks absolutely delicious! :)

    Thank you so much for your encouraging and thoughtful comment on my blog about my weight loss progress! I truly appreciate your words! :o)

    Have a lovely weekend!